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Ten romantic getaways in Peru

Enjoy the beach in Punta Sal - Tumbes

White sand, palm trees, a light blue horizon and heat that burns in the skin. Considered by many travelers one of the best beaches in Peru. Punta Sal seduces those who reach their place of sea and sand. When you arrive you feel the temperature, the drowsiness, and the wind. However, when you place your lodging, take a cold bath, you are ready to enjoy the water that comes from the warm equatorial current, absolutely perfect for swimming.
Punta Sal is a haven of fun and a getaway to enjoy with your friends and your partner. If you are looking to relax and relax, the steamy night presents a temperate atmosphere, ready to take you to restaurants, bars along the Tumbesian region, to eat something delicious. Now if your thing is an adventure you can practice surfing, fishing or diving. At the end of the day, you will feel the cool breeze that blows ...

Share the Colca Canyon - Arequipa

For couples who like adventure sports. Walk up the Colca uphill through its undulations and feel the cadence of the wind hitting their faces. Is awesome. They are not only the steep routes, the aligned terraces, the picturesque valley, the waters of the Colca River, watch the condors fly in the sky, watch the wild vicuñas run across the tracks, the hot springs to share with your friends or partner. All seen together, it is a must.
Located in Arequipa, you can feel the city in its highest splendor and an incredible peace against the universe. There is no better natural spectacle, inconceivable not to feel it.

Cross Lake Titicaca in totora raft - Puno

Why ask for more? Peru is full of beauty, enigmas and unique places, where travelers arrive every day looking for new challenges, adventures, new walking routes and lots of excitement.
Imagine crossing Peru through Lake Titicaca. Pass the icy depths of the highest lake in the world. It is an adventure that will give you peace, tranquility, and an impressive unsurpassed natural view. Do not you believe it?
In the distance, you will see the horizon breaking the floating island in its reflection. If you want to go further and leave the province of Puno to Bolivia. Remember to look for an expert guide. When crossing at dawn, a magical "sunset" will appear illuminated on the lake, it is something you will never forget.

Camping and sunset in Marcahuasi - Huarochirí, Lima

For friends or adventurous couples who wish to face various adversities and enjoy the route, Marcahuasi (Protector's House) is the goal. The trek starts from the town of San Pedro de Casta, where one is ascending little by little, the trekking is strong and it is advisable for people of low resistance to rent a horse. It ascends from 3,150 to 3,950 masl. The journey takes between an hour and a half and two hours.

Marcahuasi is mystical and reaching the highest part is an incredible experience. There are many stories about Marcahuasi, many travelers are unified with the environment and perceive a purification within their organism. The pure air, observe the stars very close as if you touch them, the chullpas, the archeology, see the moon very close, the lagoon similar to a mirror, when camping enjoy a campfire and listen to the legends about aliens about the existence of the place, while you drink a coca tea.

The best time is the months of April to July since the previous months are somewhat cloudy and rainy, but that does not prevent recreating the natural beauty of the place. Living this group experience is unique.

Lando and heady, on the way to Puerto Eten - Lambayeque

Puerto Etén cools with its breeze, it feels scorching after a walk from the village to the pier. The sea is your accomplice and the wind that shelter you need to cool off on a sunny day. Upon arrival, it looks like a ghost town, but when you enter the pier, you smell the scent of the sea, you hear the birds as if they were whispering in your ear. The moment is unique.
If yours is creative, it is the place to relax, think, write and share. On the other hand, if you are looking for adventure, it is also the place for hiking, surfing, and fishing. You will enjoy it. Languid and heady Puerto Etén will subject you to its spell, impossible to escape.

That port exists, Puerto Supe, Barranca - Lima

Poetry brings Puerto Supe or Supe Puerto to memory, takes us to its white sand, its nearby deserts and leads travelers to move through memories, verses, harmony and the image of great Peruvian personalities. The images of Tulsa Tsuchiya, Blanca Varela, Szyszlo, José María Arguedas and many more come flying; beautiful shadows welcome us in that port that always exists.

Escape from the city to go around the harbor, feel the breeze and spend magical moments, it is invaluable. I love the coast, that dead mirror where the air spins like crazy, that wave of fire that sweeps corridors, shadow circles and perfect crystals, this fragment of the poem "Puerto Supe" by Blanca Varela sums it up.
Super Puerto is distinguished by having one of the oldest archaeological sites in America, Ruinas el Rough 3000 BC. and be close to Caral. It is a place to share, feel the water on your feet while walking to the shore, feel the cadence of the place and sit down to create or just be happy.

A place to create, the first time I went to Barranca was many years ago, it is poetic and if I think about it, I even wrote some poems. Last time I started a novel, it is a place to think and relax.

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