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Five things you should not do in Peru

Everyday travelers come from all over the world to visit the country, there are many reasons to visit Peru and fully enjoy its regions. However, you have to take into account some necessary tips and be prepared for the trip. If you are about to travel, there are things you should take into account:

1. Do not make plans to visit too many places in a short time
Many visitors want to make various tours, excursions and trips in a short time, try to fit many walks in a few days of vacation. When you arrive in Peru you must take into account biodiversity, geographic extension, the diverse climate in each region, transport and weather. Also, if you plan to do some extreme sport, you must have insurance before doing it.

You must connect with your tourism agent to prepare a good travel package; If you prefer to travel on your own, remember to buy a good map book that shows you the defined distances or contact a trusted guide. Take into account the transport of each area and the attractions of each place. For this, it is advisable to choose four destinations for about fifteen days, to fully enjoy the trip. If Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas are on your list, it will take you at least three days. The most important thing is to enjoy, take things easy and plan.

2. Do not carry much luggage or illegal things
If you plan to make many visits to various regions and take your luggage with you. Try as lightly as possible. In Peru, you will find most of the necessary things. In almost all the hotels they give shampoo, soap, and conditioner. If you prefer one, in particular, the best-known brands will be found in pharmacies and shopping centers. Take the necessary. As for clothing, take into account that Peru is one of the largest producers of cotton, gold, silver, pisco, alpaca; Therefore, you will find excellent products, incredible and cheap. Then you want to buy and you will not have space to carry

You cannot enter Peru with animals or plants, in case they were pets you must have permission from SENASA or consult with the Peruvian consulate. It is also forbidden to enter with drugs (including marijuana), the penalties range from 15 to 25 years in jail.
Otherwise, if you carry valuable things with you, hire a security service or use the hotel safe.

3. Do not travel to a region, without first finding out the weather and location
It is advisable to be warned of the weather, especially the southern regions and the jungle, as there is a lot of rain. Bring all the necessary elements to protect yourself from the weather and insects. Also if you want to travel to the jungle you should get a yellow fever vaccine.
If you love adventure sports such as mountaineering, trekking or ecotourism, you must be prepared to do it, preferably in a group or in the company of someone else.
Remember that you should not drink tap water but water without bottled gas, are you not used to the height? Be careful when traveling to very high areas such as Junín, Cajamarca, Cusco, Puno and much of the sierra. Before taking the trip, it is advisable to go to the doctor.

4. You cannot take out of the country, authentic pre-Hispanic objects or animals in extinction.
In most Peruvian regions there are archaeological zones and nature reserves, in many of them, you will have access to penetrate the territory or walk freely through the area. You will relax, have fun and enjoy the whole atmosphere. On the other hand, it is forbidden to take out archaeological or historical objects, fossils, ceramic pieces, metal or textile of pre-Hispanic origin.

To obtain an authentic object, you must have a "Certificate of assets not belonging to the Cultural Heritage of the Nation" issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. If the object is "original or authentic" a receipt or invoice from the seller is not enough. Otherwise, if it were a copy, there is no problem.

At the Jorge Chavez airport, there is a replica verification module, it operates at peak times of international flights. In case, that the object is huaqueado means excavated by the person without permission, you can carry up to 6 years of jail time. Likewise, you cannot take out wild fauna or flora in extinction, if you wish to do so you must obtain a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru.

5. Do not go alone to remote places, or lend money or objects to strangers
Try to be cautious when displaying your money, cameras or video cameras, iPods, iPad, iPhones, tablets, laptops to prevent theft. Therefore, it is advisable to have travel insurance that covers at least the loss of luggage and airfare.

If you go for a walk at night in little crowded areas or remote regions, take the group tour or leave the address of the place in your hotel.
You must be cautious when choosing a taxi. In airports there are official transport companies, otherwise, there is a great diversity of private lines of taxi companies.

If you planned to go on a tour with a group and it doesn't arrive. You can make an official complaint to INDECOPI takes care of tourist assistance, as a consumer. To avoid problems, insure and hire a recognized tour or in the same region. in case the tourist contracted services have not been provided by the company. Also do not accept offers from street people, unsecured taxis or street guides.

Finally, the most important of all, enjoy the trip, it will surely be wonderful.

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